Sunday, November 19, 2006


Okay so today was a really weird day. First mom slept in later than usual . so I had to wait for breakfast, usually I don't mind but today I was ready to eat at 7am. So I had to show her my displeasure at having to wait. So I just didn't listen. Sad to say all that got me was lots of trouble. So I gave her kisses and said sorry and she apologized for sleeping late. Anyway dad was out somewhere and when he got home . Mom and Dad both went somewhere, but when they came back Mom had some material and a box. She said the box was for my toys,and she's gonna put my name on it to. Then she gave me some treats from the pet expo she went to yesterday. Some were good and some were icky. She bought me some bows for my hair and a sweatshirt with a yorkie picture on it. Hey it's the same one on my treat jar. Hmm that Yorkie must be popular. Dad bought me a funny looking bed that you go inside. of course I like to flatten it. Oh and Mom sprayed this stuff on me before combing my hair, it smelled like baby butts, I tried to get away from the smell. So mom put me down and then awhile later sat on the floor and I climbed in her lap and she put one of my new bows in my hair. Okay I tried to shake it out but it didn't budge, I thought I could get it out but I waited long enough for Mom to get a couple pics. Then I shook my head even harder and wow out it flew across the room. Oh and Mom sent some pics to the lady she got me from. Well that's all for now.

Paws & Kisses


Boo said...

hey maggie rose,

how do you like the flower on your head? LOL

the other day mom sent me to the groomer and the lady who attended me put a ribbon on my head too. EXCUSE ME!!! i'm a boy you know, i DON'T LIKE RIBBON! mom never put ribbon on me!

wet wet licks


Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Hey Boo I think it's okay, anything that keeps people from saying he's so cute. I don't understand why they always think we are the opposite. I have a blue hoodie but I think people saw that movie "Legally Blonde" the one starring Bowser the Chihuahua.. Anyway I really don't mind the flowers and bows.
Paws & Kisses