Friday, September 02, 2011

Just me Patience

Hello again, Well Brie went to her new home last month and from what Grams has been tellin us she is super spoiled. My other sister Peppermint is  a star in video's with her Brother Dexter.
They have their own videos on  you tube called Dexter's Ruff Life. Aparently Dexter and My Mom's have an ongoing online relationship. Anyway I am way to young to be thinking of that icky relationship stuff. Okay so enough about all that, now we get to talk about my most fav subject...... ME.
Grams took me to a puppymatch last month and I did my thing and came home with a first place ribbon and a best of Breed puppy. It was super special because I was up against a relative of mine. It was a boy and his Dad and my Mom  are cousins, oh yeah and another girl she was older than me.I got lots of chicken for that. and spent some quality time with Grams. We have one more Puppy match to do before we get serious and head to the big ring. Grams says I need to do a match inside so that is what we are doing before my first show. I can hardly wait I love showing off in the ring and then getting lots and lots of Chicken and cuddles from Grams.

Patience it's past your bedtime. You need to make sure you get your beauty sleep. Well this sure has been an exciting start to this year, I had a really nice litter of 3 girls, got my figure back and 2 of the girls have amazing homes and Patience will be  the one that will follow in her daddy's and my pawsteps. I am so very proud of her, I think this is what every parent wants for their child to see them go on to do what is  so natural for them. Well I must say ta ta for now, I may be getting older but I still love my beauty rest also.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been a long time



 Okay so many of you probably thought I disappeared after my show career. Well alot happened.   When I first started my show career I met a Boy Yorkie online. We have carried on this online romance for almost 3 years. It's a true Hollywood romance. He is famous and  he has his groupies, and me well I love him but I also have my flings on the side. I have had 4 daughters only one has a different father than the other 3. Peppermint the youngest has gone to live with my Online love and his family. While Brie and Patience will possibly follow in their fathers and my pawsteps and head to the show ring. Dante and Leo are still here and sometimes they just really piss me off. Barking at every little noise, and whenever Willow barks. It gives me such a headache sometimes. I guess that's what older step brothers do. Mom has gone back to work even though it's only part time I still miss her when she goes. Okay so I guess this is as good a time as any to introduce my Daughters Brie and Patience 

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Little Miss Diva

Hello everyone, yes it has been quite awhile since our last post. Maggie is now living the pampered life of an only doggie. Her new family loves her to pieces. I am doing pretty good in the AKC shows but even though I have no points I do have lots of ribbons. Mom had to pull me outta the AKC shows for awhile because I have not cleared to the correct coloring yet. The standard says dark steel blue and tan. Well I just happen to come from a line that doesn't start clearing til around 18 months and I still have a few months to go yet. Anyways so Mom has entered me in some UKC shows because they understand that the adult coloring may not come in til about 2 years in age. We have our first UKC show on June 13th. Of course we have been going to handling class because Mom had to relearn how to show me because the class she was at before trained her the wrong way. The teacher says Mom is doing lots better and in the process is making me look fabulous. Anyway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A sad Time in our Home.

This is Maggie, Dante, Leo and Friday's Mom. Our household has been busy for quite some time. Friday has been doing shows and Maggie lost her pups then the fighting started. Most people will tell you they normally see fighting among unfixed males or females. But it's not that way in our house. Maggie and Friday are both intact but Dante and Leo are fixed. Well the fighting is between Maggie and Leo. The fighting has escalated to causing open wounds. So I had to make a very hard decision. Maggie is going to a very nice home where she will be the only dog. It had to be Maggie because Leo belongs to my Husband and I knew there was no way he would give Leo up. So I had to be the one to make the sacrifice. She will be spending her last Christmas with us and then going to her new home the day after Christmas. I am going to miss her.

Monday, November 10, 2008


So this is what I do. My mom and Anty Gail drive Magic and me to these shows. Then they do all this grooming and brushing so we look great in the ring . So we are waiting for the Brussels Griffons to get done in the ring and Mom has already done my topknot and had to fix my hair. so she sat me in the chair so I could take a quick snooze before I had to go in the ring.
Then Magic goes in cuz he's a boy and they do all the boys first. Then I go in and they do all the girls. then they pic Best of Breed , winners reserve or Best of opposite if it is Male against female.
Well I got best in the 6-9 puppy bitch and then I took Winners Reserve. Mom is going to ceck later next week to see if I got a point. We aren't sure yet it all depends on the number of Yorkies present.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a crazy month!

Hi everyone. I am sorry I haven't been on much but these days I have issues. It's these dang hormones. Ine day I am just all lovey dovey, and the next day I am just looking for a fight. Mom showed me this pic she took of Me, Dante and Leo looking out the window. It's hard to believe I had these two. Mom is making an appointment Monday for me to go get xrays on the 3rd of Nov. so we know how many pups are in my belly. I will remind her to make a post so all my friends will know. for now though I need to take a nap.

Hello this is Friday. My Mom is really going nuts with this show stuff. She bought a rolling grooming table, and all sorts of grooming stuff. I thought the puppy matches were over with , but nope she informed me that I will be in an actual Dog Show next Saturday and then the Saturday after that too. I love prancing around the ring . It is alot of fun plus I gets to spend lots of quality time with my Mom. Well I need my beauty sleep. But first my Halloween pic.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whew what a day!

Okay we have a double post here. First I wanted to let you all know that I won 1st in female and best of Opposite sex. So I have a total of 4 pink 1st in female ribbons and 1 lavender best of opposite sex ribbon.

Moms was so proud of me. I am proud of her to because she did my topknot and bow all by herself. We brough a camera but for some reason it didn't want to work. So Moms took out the trusty cellphone and got a couple of pics of me waiting to go in the ring. Thats all the news from me.

My turn lil sis,

I love my mom to pieces but did she have to come home smelling of someone else's puppies. Can the woman not wait til my angels are born. Sorry I am just a tad grouchy these days. it isn't because I don't like being PG. I really love it, I just wish my Mom could stay home all the time til these angels are born. But Mom reminded me that Dad can't pay all the bills by hisself. So I am not very happy that I only get my Mom for half the day. but I still have to share her with my boys and my lil sis. Mom says I should be due the 2nd week in November. Which is right after Friday's first actual dog show for points toward her title. Mom is going to take the rest of her vacation so she can be with me during my time.