Saturday, May 30, 2009

Little Miss Diva

Hello everyone, yes it has been quite awhile since our last post. Maggie is now living the pampered life of an only doggie. Her new family loves her to pieces. I am doing pretty good in the AKC shows but even though I have no points I do have lots of ribbons. Mom had to pull me outta the AKC shows for awhile because I have not cleared to the correct coloring yet. The standard says dark steel blue and tan. Well I just happen to come from a line that doesn't start clearing til around 18 months and I still have a few months to go yet. Anyways so Mom has entered me in some UKC shows because they understand that the adult coloring may not come in til about 2 years in age. We have our first UKC show on June 13th. Of course we have been going to handling class because Mom had to relearn how to show me because the class she was at before trained her the wrong way. The teacher says Mom is doing lots better and in the process is making me look fabulous. Anyway.

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Anonymous said...

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