Sunday, December 21, 2008

A sad Time in our Home.

This is Maggie, Dante, Leo and Friday's Mom. Our household has been busy for quite some time. Friday has been doing shows and Maggie lost her pups then the fighting started. Most people will tell you they normally see fighting among unfixed males or females. But it's not that way in our house. Maggie and Friday are both intact but Dante and Leo are fixed. Well the fighting is between Maggie and Leo. The fighting has escalated to causing open wounds. So I had to make a very hard decision. Maggie is going to a very nice home where she will be the only dog. It had to be Maggie because Leo belongs to my Husband and I knew there was no way he would give Leo up. So I had to be the one to make the sacrifice. She will be spending her last Christmas with us and then going to her new home the day after Christmas. I am going to miss her.

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