Monday, November 10, 2008


So this is what I do. My mom and Anty Gail drive Magic and me to these shows. Then they do all this grooming and brushing so we look great in the ring . So we are waiting for the Brussels Griffons to get done in the ring and Mom has already done my topknot and had to fix my hair. so she sat me in the chair so I could take a quick snooze before I had to go in the ring.
Then Magic goes in cuz he's a boy and they do all the boys first. Then I go in and they do all the girls. then they pic Best of Breed , winners reserve or Best of opposite if it is Male against female.
Well I got best in the 6-9 puppy bitch and then I took Winners Reserve. Mom is going to ceck later next week to see if I got a point. We aren't sure yet it all depends on the number of Yorkies present.

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Laila said...

aw you are very beautiful...for me you are the winner!!! It is a good experience to join that kind of activity...^_^

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