Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a crazy month!

Hi everyone. I am sorry I haven't been on much but these days I have issues. It's these dang hormones. Ine day I am just all lovey dovey, and the next day I am just looking for a fight. Mom showed me this pic she took of Me, Dante and Leo looking out the window. It's hard to believe I had these two. Mom is making an appointment Monday for me to go get xrays on the 3rd of Nov. so we know how many pups are in my belly. I will remind her to make a post so all my friends will know. for now though I need to take a nap.

Hello this is Friday. My Mom is really going nuts with this show stuff. She bought a rolling grooming table, and all sorts of grooming stuff. I thought the puppy matches were over with , but nope she informed me that I will be in an actual Dog Show next Saturday and then the Saturday after that too. I love prancing around the ring . It is alot of fun plus I gets to spend lots of quality time with my Mom. Well I need my beauty sleep. But first my Halloween pic.

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