Friday, September 02, 2011

Just me Patience

Hello again, Well Brie went to her new home last month and from what Grams has been tellin us she is super spoiled. My other sister Peppermint is  a star in video's with her Brother Dexter.
They have their own videos on  you tube called Dexter's Ruff Life. Aparently Dexter and My Mom's have an ongoing online relationship. Anyway I am way to young to be thinking of that icky relationship stuff. Okay so enough about all that, now we get to talk about my most fav subject...... ME.
Grams took me to a puppymatch last month and I did my thing and came home with a first place ribbon and a best of Breed puppy. It was super special because I was up against a relative of mine. It was a boy and his Dad and my Mom  are cousins, oh yeah and another girl she was older than me.I got lots of chicken for that. and spent some quality time with Grams. We have one more Puppy match to do before we get serious and head to the big ring. Grams says I need to do a match inside so that is what we are doing before my first show. I can hardly wait I love showing off in the ring and then getting lots and lots of Chicken and cuddles from Grams.

Patience it's past your bedtime. You need to make sure you get your beauty sleep. Well this sure has been an exciting start to this year, I had a really nice litter of 3 girls, got my figure back and 2 of the girls have amazing homes and Patience will be  the one that will follow in her daddy's and my pawsteps. I am so very proud of her, I think this is what every parent wants for their child to see them go on to do what is  so natural for them. Well I must say ta ta for now, I may be getting older but I still love my beauty rest also.

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