Thursday, November 30, 2006

new toys

Wow I must be the luckiest pup in the world. Mom went to the pet store but I didn't get to go cause they had other stores to go to that don't allow pets. I think that really sucks xause I think pets should be allowed everywhere. Anyway I was a little mad but when they got home Mom brought a bag upstairs. Some of the stuff I can't see yet, because it's for christmas. But she bought me a Kong and put this peanut butter stuff inside and gave it to me. Wow I tasted it and I thought I'd gone to heaven. I tried to get every bit out but I can't figure it out yet but I will. Oh and I don't think I like pumpkin pie after all. Oh for those of you who have never seen a KONG it is that funny shaped blue & white thing.


Joe Stains said...

yay kongs! we have a kong too but its red. you need to tell your mom that they make something called KONG WIZ and its this cheese stuff they spray up inside the Kong. AND THEN when you are done loving it tell your mom to tell my mom that it really doesnt make a mess or make you fart so she buys me some :)

Boo said...

hey lucky maggie rose,

mom said kong is too expensive so i didn't get one. but she bought me some other similar stuff.

wanna ask u how did your mama put the peanut butter inside? i mean, isn't peanut butter a bit sticky?

wet wet licks


Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Hey joe,
I love my Kong too and mom bought the kong stuff'n it's made for the Kong and it ispeanut butter flavor. I haven't had the farts so I think it is okay and it isn't messy at all cause it stays inside the Kong and we have to figure out how to get the nummy stuff out.

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Boo Mom wasn't gonna get me one either cause they are like $ 8 dollars here but then she saw this one for $3 dollars and it comes in a paw shaped stocking and has a bone shape with it that is made of the tennis ball material. The peanut butter stuff is in a can that has a nozzle and you put it in the hole. Mom said it looks just like the chez whiz can that you put on crackers for humans.

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Oh Joe forgot to tell you sumptin, one of Moms friends from a yorkie group is getting a pup like you but he has a Doofus face .

Joe Stains said...

oh noo there is another wanna be doofus face out there?!!? You better get a picture of that for me!!

As for the Wiz, mom and dad are going shopping tonight, I better see some of this on my table!!