Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So very happy

Today I got my new jogging outfit. It is purple and it says Goddess in Training. Boy am I spoiled. Mom says I have another t shirt coming in the mail and she is making me a coat and a dress. Mom says she gave me the ham and roast beef yesterday cause I was very good and did my business on my pads instead of the floor. And because when she leaves me in her office while she is gone I don't chew on anything I'm not s'posed to. I was really tired today cause the silly cats kept jumping on and off the bed last night. You'd think they were trying out for the kitty olympics or planning their escape from the upstairs window. I really like jumping on them when mom lets me or when she's not looking. Willow got to chew on the hambone for awhile just til she got the meat off. I wish I could but Mom says noway. She's afraid I might choke on it or something. Sometimes it sucks being small. But sometimes it's really good cause I get to go places bigger dogs can't .

Paws & Kisses


Boo said...

hey maggie rose, are you going to show us your jogging outfit?

wet wet licks


Maggie Rose Diaries said...

OOOps sorry they are there now