Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a day

Hello everydoggy,
I am so tired right now, Mommy has been up all night trying to change my blog over to beta. But she forgot to write down the password last night so this morning started with trying to guess what password she used. I guess i should have been supervising instead of sleeping. I think she has it figured out now, at least I hope she does. She keeps telling me I am getting a bath but then we just cuddle. I wish she would make up her mind. Daddy called up the stairs for her to eat so she did and she brought me up some hamburger boy was it yummy. I am getting excited cause one of the groups mommy belongs to has lots of Yorkies who live here in Michigan so they were talking about play dates. One of the Yorkies moms is a dog groomer so there is a bonus for me. Maybe she'll teach mommy how to make sure I am most beautiful. Either way I think mom is going to take me there for my grooming cause the lady has yorkies so she knows how to beautify them. Gotta go mom just said bathtime. Finally!
Paws & Kisses

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