Sunday, December 03, 2006

smart lady

Oh I am happy and Mom is happy. See my Mom likes to investigate and try to find answers. So she did and we are back in pictures. Okay this is the box Mom made for me. I love it and she is gonna fill it with toys! Also here is a pic of all the cards I have gotten so far. Mom is so creative sometimes, except for with the cards. Sorry they are just plain ol' store bought cards, cause she has been busy being an Elf and helping Santa Paws with Willow's, Kaia's, Zoeie's and My presents. Plus a few things for my 2 boyfriends, One I get to meet on sunday, and the other lives in Ohio. Okay before you even go there, I was tooo young to even think about boys when I lived in Ohio, besides I was only there for 12 weeks. Then I cmae to Michigan to live with my Mommy. So there. Oh and for all of you who saw the baby doofus face he was named Boston Benjamin Bean, Benji Bean for short.


Boo said...

hey maggie rose,

i love your toy box! but is mama going to lock it? then you won't be able to get toys out!

wow, you have receive many cards! some i have it but some i haven't got it. i didn't see mine, i think it's not there yet but some said they've already received mine (like butchy & snickers).

wet wet licks


Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Boo Boo Buddy, Nope she won't lock my toys up that is just decoration silly. I haven't gotten a card from you yet But maybe tomorrow. Mom is gonna decorate the tree tomorrow and I will post a before and after pic, plus a pic of our stocking hanger just for fuekids.

Paws & Kisses
Maggie R

Joe Stains said...

what a great name for a doofus face!! Benji Bean, I like it!

The box your mom made is very cute!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Maggie. that is so clever of your mum. And that's a very pretty box you have there...

~ fufu

Toby said...

Maggie, that's a beautiful toy box!!! Your mommy is so talented!


Maggie said...

Hi Maggie Rose,
Such a pretty name for a pretty little girl!
I love your toy box. How big is it? Is there a chance you might fill it up?

the other Maggie

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Morning Joe, Yeah I like it to ,of course I picked the name Lucky Luciano oh well some other time. My mom says to tell you thank you. She tries really hard to love me even when I misbehave. I told her not to worry cause soon I will be out of this misbehavin stage.
Paws & Kisses

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

FuFu, Well it's nice to see you again, Mom says thank you and that your a real cutie. I can't wait to fill my box with toys.

Paws & Kisses

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

Toby, I have missed you so. Mom says thank you and I say I miss you.
Paws & Double Kisses

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

I have to agree you are a very pretty girl also. Do you know that our name is the 4th most popular doggie name. Thank you. Mom says it about 20 inches long and probably 10 to 12 inches wide.
I have to be extra good so Mom will buy me extra toys to help out Santa Paws. Oh by the way I am 8 Months old and my b-day is April 16.
When is yours and how old are you?
Paws & Kisses
Maggie (the little One)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Glad you got your pix working again! That's a really special toy box there!

Bussie Kissies

Leskiw Gang said...

Thank you Buster, Yep Mom was ever so diligent about figureing it out. Thank you about the Toybox, I like it but I don't get it till Xmas. Mom said since I have already seen it She is gonna fill it with prezzies for me.
Paws & Kisses
Oh by the way the other furries in my house now have a blog.
I'm not saying you have to read it but if you want to her is the link