Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Playin the field!

Okay so Mom wanted to post a better pic of my main squeeze Chesney AKA my Blonde Ambition. Then we went over to Goldies house on Sunday and I saw the dreamboat Brett. I love teasing him cause He is trying really hard to stay true to his girl Sadie. I swear I don't make it easy for him. I get in his face and I even snuck a few kisses. But for some reason He wants to stay true to her and she lives in Utah and I am here in Michigan. So I guess it must be the age thing. He's 3 and I will only be one soon, and Sadie is 3 to. Oh Well at least I know My Chesney likes me even though I am way younger. Anyway Mom got some good pics of me posing and I actually sat where she wanted me to. But I decided she needed a close up. Then I had to show her my Happy face. Oh and Mom is doing some early spring cleaning so pics will be coming soon. She has sooooo many projects to work on I hope she doesn't forget typing my blog as I dictate. Don't worry I will get her toes if she does. Chow!


Joe Stains said...

your mom better not forget, we would miss you!!!

Boo said...

maggie rose, you are smiling in the last photo. and i love the 2nd last photo of your mug shot!

wet wet licks


Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Maggie Rose,
Those are some really cool pictures of you. Helps us to imagine what little Toto will look like when he is one also. Mama hasn't been able to go visit him & get pics since we've had such bad storms here. Auntie C still hasn't gotten a new camera either. We have a question, how long is your body in inches from where your collar sits on your back down to where your tail starts? Right now Toto is 9 inches. His father weighed about 9 lbs. & mama about 7+ lbs. What do you weigh right now? Thanks for your help!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

The Leskiw Gang said...

I will do my bestest to make sure she doesn't forget.

Boo, That smile was all for you. The mug shot too.

B&S, Yep that would help with the imaginin part. Mom says I am 10 and 1/2 inches long and right now I weigh 8 lbs. So he might still grow more or he might stay the size he is. Mom says I stopped growing around 6 months old. And I am 1o months old now. Hope this helps some.

Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose