Saturday, February 03, 2007

A simple request

Okay everydoggy, I have a simple request for you. Since I have been doing my Blog and have recently found out my Anty Maria reads it, she told my Mom thatmy sisters Willow, Kaia and Zoeie should have theirs updated. See they started out by sharing one blog but Mom decided to set one up for each one. So My request is simple. Could you guys and gals go check out their blogs and post comments for them to. Thank you. Okay now to tell you what happened last night. Okay Mom is usually at her computer in the evening, but for some reason lately we have been watching movies. I saw the Shaggy Dog, Aquamarine,Material Girls, and my favorite The Lakehouse. So anyways I thought we were gonna watch another one last night so I did my nudging and pawing on the Mommy bit. She finally got the hint and we layed on the bed to watch TV. Well Mom was sneaky she brought her camera. Not the new one she hasn't gotten that one yet. And she got pics of me watching the Dog Whisperer. We also watched Animal Planet. I like Meerkat Manor. But boy is Flower bossy. Anyway after watching those I had to show Mom my submissive pose. She was very impressed. Although she thinks we still need to work on when she calls me and I ignore her. But I have mastered the art of sitting and staying, especially for a treat. She bought this stuff that is dehydrated chicken breast and it is so very good. Mom says it's better for me than the rawhide stuff. She says it's cause I am small and I could choke on a piece. Well bye for now and please don't forget to check out my sisty's blogs. and read the last post on their combined blog And I know that Zoeie and Kaia are cats but they are both big enough to be dogs. I am sure we can find someway to make them official members like FuFu.


Boo said...

oh maggie rose,

mom watches meerkat menor too and a lot of animal planet. :-)

am checking out the other blogs now.

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

you might have a problem getting the cats involved, have you seen the army of four's blog? cats are serious business!

The Leskiw Gang said...

Thank you Boo, my Mom loves Meerkats

Joe i had better go check them out.
Paws & kisses,
Maggie Rose

Auntie M said...

Hi Maggie Rose, your cousin, Schnappsie says you should watch CSI, ER and Medium - those are his favorite shows! Schnappsie is still laughing hysterically at your photo with the pj's...he's waiting to see what kind of fru-fru mom dresses you in for Valentine's Day.

Maggie said...

Hi Maggie Rose,
I like that dehydrated chicken stuff too! Mine comes in little round circles. It's very yummy!

Love ya lots,

The Leskiw Gang said...

Antie m, Please tell Schnappsie that sometimes we watch CSI also. I am glad that he found my Jammies so funny. I think the dress that Mom is making for me is really pretty. it is actually a harness that her friend Yvonne made for me and Mom is making a skirt to go with it.

Maggie, They are yummy. Mom has to buy more cause they are all gone. What brand comes in the circles and where does your Mommy get them?

Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose

Bruce the Bird Dog said...

My josh watches that see-zar stuff sometimes and goes around and says tsst! at me! Attack that TV!!!

The Leskiw Gang said...

Mom tried the tsst stuff to but she found that I respond to her Mommy voice better. What is with the tsst stuff anyway are they leaking air?
Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Maggie Rose,
Dehydrated chicky sure sounds tasty to us! Mama gets us the dehydrated chicken breast tenders. Is that what you get?? We'll go check out the other blogs!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

The Leskiw Gang said...

B&S, yep they are dehydrated chicken breast. The ones my Mom buys are made from a company called Dingo. Thank you both.
Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose