Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bright sun shiny day

Okay, Today was sooooooo very gorgeous. Mom promised she would take me for a walk today. Willow went to and Dad has to walk way ahead of us cause I spend too much time trying to jump in her face. Plus Mom is still trying to use that stupid Cesarology on me and I can tell you it's not working. As if, Does she really think that just because some dogs listen to him that I will just blindly follow along. No way Jose! I gotta put up my resistance. Make them work for the goodness. That's what they make us do work, for the treat or the love. So I just reverse it on Mom, I make her work for the goodness. Then I reward her by doing what she asks, and we both get the goodness. So after all that we walked around the block, I saw a Joe Stains look a like. Mom tried to get a picture but I moved to much. hey I thought it was my sweetie Joe so I wanted to say hello. But we were on the other side of the street and Mom clicked that button on the retractable leash so fast , I was brought to a flying standstill. I realized after I stopped that it wasn't Joe S. Oh well, anyway we got back on our street and there was our neighbor with his Standard Poodle Nicki. She's old I mean really old. I said Hi to her and asked her if she wanted to play. But I think I am a little too rowdy for her. So Mom finally took me inside and I wanted to take a nap, but mom said we had to do my Blog first. So here it is and here I go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Joe Stains said...

I sure wish we could meet on a walk someday! that would be super.

If you want my address send an email to my mom!

rjudeich @

She put those spaces to thwart the evil spammers!

Boo said...

maggie rose,

wow, the wonder of the new camera! your place is so sunny.

wet wet licks


Fu Fu said...

Woh it'll be so neat if you really meet Joey and Tanner.

~ fufu

The Leskiw Gang said...

Joe, I got it Mom found the envelope from the christmas cards. I wish we could to, Mom says when she retires she will make sure to buy an RV and her and I will go visit all my doggie friends in the States.

Yep but it snowed the next day crazy weather.

Yes it will be neat. I told Mom to hurry and retire so we can go rolling on the Rv.

Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose