Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So Not Fair

Okay I have devoted all my time to making sure my Mommy is all better and what does she do. Well she is going to be out of town for 3 whole days and I don't get to go. I really don't understand how she is gonna manage to fall asleep without me next to her to make sure she doesn't roll out of bed. Not that she has, but I just like to make sure. And the truth is I am really gonna miss her, but I will be a big girl and suck it up. I'll just bite Daddy a little harder. Okay so enough pity seeking. Something really crazy has been happening here. Remember when My Mom wanted to know which Pic of me she should send in for the Paint by Number. Well she was having problems with them never answering the messages she left and the e-mails she sent. So my wonderful Mommy filed a complaint with the BBB (better business bureau) and was getting ready to file a complaint with the USPS for mail fraud. I tell ya when she fights back she really gets them good. All this time she was waiting for any response she searched the internet to find another company. She just really loves me. Well she found, one paid a little more and we are waiting for that to be shipped. But today she gets a long awaited email from the sucky other company and they have mailed out a package. Mom says it's probably a nasty letter, a shredded pic and a refund. I told her to think positive. It could be a very sincere apology, a refund, the item she paid for and my pic. Mom just snorted and said that's wishful thinking, So hopefully soon I will be able to post Pics of that from either company or maybe both.


Joe Stains said...

if you want to me to send those jerks a box of poop I will!!

Maggie said...

I can't stand it! You look just so adorable in that spring dress! You are so lovely Maggie Rose!

Love ya lots,

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Do you think that I could get a spring dress in XXXL ? I am alittle bigger - and tubbier :) - than you :)
You sure look cute :)


Lorenza said...

Hi Maggie. You look sooo cute in that spring dress. Your are a great model. I love it.

Boo said...

maggie rose, loving that dress! oh well, if your mama doesn't want to bring you with her, MAKE HER FEEL GUILTY!

wet wet licks


The Leskiw Gang said...

That's okay Mommy took care of it.

Thank you, Mom bought me another dress for Yorkie Fair but have to wait for pics.

I can ask. you have to give measurements.

Thank you

Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose