Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Almost needs to be today!

Okay so Mom is as anxious as I am to have these pups come today. But we both know it's not gonna happen til about 20 More days. Mom already told her boss that She was gonna be calling in when I go into Labor. They tried to give her grief but Mom told them that I mean more to her than some stupid job. Okay maybe I embellished a little but anyone who thinks my Mom is gonna go into work when I am having my pups is Stooooopppppiidd. So Okay nuther subject, My Dad finally got his pics developed, Yes I know he likes to use film instead of digital. Anyway here are my fav pics. Okay here are a few of Willow and Me

Okay these next 2 pics are as follows. One is me and Mom walking down our street. This was after coming home from the pet store and Mom wanted to walk me home so she had Dad let us out 3 blocks from our house. Course Dad got home faster cause he had the car. And the next pic is My Momma's behind. Okay see she always uses that word Bad Girl whenever I do my business way away from my pee pad, so since she has that on her but, I wonder where she goes?

Okay these last 2 pics are of Me Mom and Chesney. This was right after our first tie. Chesney looks pleased, I am well let's just say I was very happy, and poor Mom She looks like she was up all night. (That's because I was Maggie)


Peanut said...

Those are nice pictures.

Joe Stains said...

maggie you do look sooo happy with your baby daddy! you guys make a good looking couple!

Ume said...

the big day is nearing, isn't it?
u & Chesney gonna have bootiful babies!
oh btw, i nominated u for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. chk it out at my blog! u r definitely one Rockin' mama-to-be!!!