Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy days are here.

Hey all it's Dante here, Well Leo went with Nana to visit with Diane and her gang. But her and iI never went on Monday because Daddy said it was too far to keep driving. Oh well leo and I get to go to a Halloween meetup this sunday so I forgive Nana for not going. Anyway Mom got retested and she is A-Ok. She still has to stay on the bland diet for now to make sure the nasty stuff stays away. Nana has been sewing like crazy since Mom got sick. She is making clothes for me and Leo and lots for Mommy. She also made us some step in harnesses and leashes. She made one for Mommy too. Oh we are supposed to be going to a cider mill saturday. Mom said they have these huge orange balls there that the peoples buy and cut faces into and make them look scary. Mom says last year she picked out the biggest one all by herself. Mom and Leo got their costumes already. Nana made Moms costume and She got Leos from her friend Patti it was part of a trade for shirts that she had bought for us Boys but by the time they got here they were too small for us. So our friend Bubba got them. Nana says she will post pics latter this evening but we have to get baths first. Mom may not be going to the meetup with us cuz Nana says mom may be in heat again. Apparently she has this certain smell that drives boy dogs crazy. I have no clue what it could be she just smells like Mom to me and Leo. nana says thats cuz we are too young to know. Anyway on a sadder note, Thor is going to his forever home tomorrow, which is why we all get baths. We are going to miss our older doofus brother but we are glad he is going to a good home. Mom is going to miss kicking his butt all the time. Which probably means she gonna start kicking my butt. For some reason Leo hardly ever gets his butt kicked by Mom. Hmm maybe she doesn't see the bad stuff he does. I will have to get some evidence. Anyway here are some pics of us that Nana took on Monday. She promises to get pics of the meetup, Thor going home, and of our Cider mill adventure.


Joe Stains said...

oh dog you guys are TOO cute, seriously! we are so glad your Mom is ok!

The Leskiw Gang said...

Thank you Cozin Joe we are glad Mom is better now too.