Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our first meetup ever.

We had so much fun at the meetup. We gots to meet lots of yorkies and some Biewers, and a Chihuahua mix name Holly and a Shih - tzu named Saki. Dante ran around like a crazy pup the whole time. I was a little more reserved. Nana said I was too overwhelmed by all the feet. So for awhile I snuggled in the front carrier and Nana carried me around. We had so much fun that we slept all the way home and then went right to bed. Nana made us Hoodies and we love them. Alot of the other Yorkies were dressed but Nana let us run Nekked. but when we got cold she put our hoodies on us. Dante found a little flag and was trying to figure out how to carry it. There were other puppies there but we are the biggest so we got to play with the big dogs. Nana says thats only cuz some of the big dogs were the same size as us. Well gotta go. Nana is going to lunch with Anty Gail .


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh there are like a million yorkies there. I bet it's fun meeting up

~ Girl girl

Joanie said...

too cute..love the hoodies!!

joanie (and sammy & silly sissy)

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh you look so cute in your hoodies!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Brandi said...

That's a lot of yorkie! We don't have any yorkie meetup's in our area for Kona, so he tags along on the pug meetup's with his brother. He doesn't even realize the difference.

Joe Stains said...

I have never seen so many Yorkies in all my dog life! that looks pawesome!