Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bon Jour!

Things are really weird these past few days. Mom has been doing so much. Sewing, Painting laundry. I think she is just trying to keep busy, so she don't get over excited about Friday coming home soon. Dante went to stay a few days visiting his brother JT. and in 2 weeks JT will be staying over here for a couple days. . Of course Mom is missing all his goofiness right now. Well Moms PC decided not to work for awhile and so Mom was on Dad's PC and he doesn't have the blogs saved because a week before his PC crashed. Anyway right now mom is using a trial verson of Windows XP professional. Then she has a regular XP version she's gonna use. So in the next two weeks things are gonna be extra crazy. cuz Mom has to make sure everything is ready for when she brings Friday home. It's hot and I am gonna chill in front of the AC. Ciao

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Ruby Bleu said...

Oh I can't wait to meet Friday!!! W00t!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby