Thursday, November 09, 2006

I want some too

Okay it started of a little hectic this morning everyone rushing around to get ready for work. At least they didn't forget to feed me. Then after a few hours mommy came back home. She was serfing the worldwide web(is that a spider thing?) Mom said no it's a techy term. Whatever! Anyway she said she was looking to find some clothes and stuff for me. I get really excited when she mentions clothes, she says I am a Prima Donna. Daddy says I am Spoiled Rotten. Anyway she found some cool sites: , and some others I can't remember. Then she got sleepy and wanted to take a nap but I wanted to play!!!! So we played a bit and then she went downstairs and heated up some chili. But she won't let me have any. She said she didn't want to hear me tooting all day and smelling it either. But isn't she going to do that to? So what makes her think I want to hear her tooting and smelling it. I think I'm gonna need an oxygen mask when she's done. OOps better go before she reads this.


Anonymous said...

If you're both gassing, it cancels each other out! Kinda like when everybody has garlic breat at the same time!

Bussie Kissies

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

that is so true buster but I still didn't get any chli and she has the toots.