Wednesday, November 08, 2006

just a relaxing day

Hi all,
I am just relaxing today not doing anything special. Mommy was at work all day yesterday in Ohio and when she got home I was so very happy, I really missed her. I thought because she went to Ohio that she was bringing home another furbaby, but she reassured me that for now one furbaby like me was all she could handle. So for now I am glad she is still all mine. She did bring me home presents, I got my very own christmas stocking and some barrettes for my hair.. Mommy said my hair is starting to get longer and she wants to get it out of my face, she also said it would help to make me even more beautiful. She also went on ebay to find me a sling and a booster seat for the car. She said I need a booster seat because it is hard for her to drive when I am in her lap, only cause her legs are short, and there isn't alot of room for me to look out the window. I hope she gets one soon so I can have my very own seat.

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