Monday, November 06, 2006

a car adventure

Yippeee! I got to go see my Aunties Donna and Paula today. Mommy got a call and she had to go into work and she said I was going because they requested me. I feel so very special. I love car rides especially when I can look out the window. Mommy put me in the passenger seat but I couldn't see so I climbed right into her lap to look out her window. She laughed at me and said "remember no squirming". So I stayed very still. When we got to the office mommy let me walk in on my own, well actually on the leash. As soon as we got in the door they were both saying I had gotten bigger and cuter. I said well of course I did silly. I had lots of fun and behaved myself. Cept when we went outside and I tried to eat this stuff off the ground. But mommy said yuck Maggie you can't eat Goose Poop and she pulled me away just as I was getting ready to bite it. I bet she's glad I didn't get it cause I kissed her later. Well I am sleepy so goodnight.


Mary-Margaret said...

Eeeeeyeeew! Goose poop? Oh, Maggie Rose. I've got LOTS to teach you. Blegh! Ptooey!

Dachsies Rule said...

Hi Maggie Rose,

We saw a link to your blog on Mary Margaret's blog. She is so clever so we wanted to meet you. We will come back and visit again. We really enjoy your stories. Well, maybe not the goose poop but the rest of them

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

I know it is yucky but I didn't know that at first until mommy said so. She said I couldn't pick up everything off the ground.She told me your a Yorkie not a Vacuum cleaner. What is a vacuum cleaner? Is it that thing that makes alot of noise?