Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Adventure

Hey guess what . I just got back from a walk with my Mommy. We went to the store and we had to cross a really busy street. There were lots of cars, trucks and semi's. Don't know what that is but I think it might be the giant truck I saw with lots of wheels. Mommy taught me how to sit and wait at each corner til she said okay. I think she wanted to make sure nothing was coming first. I know I did good cause mommy said so each time and when we got home I got my favorite treat Crunchy Bones. They are kinda like pork rind but for dogs. Yummy! Anyway on the way back I saw two squirrels chasing each other and I so wanted to play with them, but mommy said no and stay, besides they ran away down the street. I also heard a really big dog barking. He said there was a stranger but I looked and I didn't see any stranger, it was just me and mommy. Oh Duh! We were the strangers, mommy just told me. Mommy also said the big dog would have me for a snack if I didn't behave. So I am going to do my bestest to be a good furbaby. Time for me to take a nap that was a long walk.


Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Maggie Rose - Tell your mommy that a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Maggie Rose Diaries said...

I will tell her.