Monday, November 06, 2006

Morning Sunshine

Hello again,
Yesterday my mommy gave me a bath and my hair is all soft, my mommy says it's because I am getting myadult hair.She said it will be getting lighter soon too. Gee I can't wait, I wonder if it will get as light as Izzy's is. I have had my breakfast and my morning cuddling, but I wanted to cuddle more but mommy has stuff to do. Wednesday I had to stay home when my mommy and daddy went to Indiana to see some wolves. Mommy said they are my ancestors. Here is a picture of my mommy when she was there. She wasn't afraid but daddy was. I would have went right up to them and licked their faces but mommy said I would have been a snack. That is Sahara the Alpha female of the pack giving my mommy kisses. The other picture is Navajo, my mommy says she adopted him but he is staying there so he can stay with his family. I say whew I thought she was bringing him home and he would eat me, but mommy says she would never let anything hurt me. Boy am I glad. Well gotta go for now.

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