Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Got A Cookie!

You will never guess what happened yesterday. Mom got a package in the mail from her friend Nancee in Washington. So Mom brings the package upstairs and right away I think it is mine cause of the doggie smells on it. Well it wasn't for me but the smells from Nancees furkids was just for me. Anyway nancee made cookies and sent them out to lots of her friends, well Mom was a new friend but she got some to. There was also these bags wrapped in the shiniest paper, one was full of lavender and the other rosebuds. I really like the lavender one lots cause Mom has some in her garden and they smelled so nice. Okay well I tried to climb in the box so I could be shipped to Washington to visit Nancee and her gang but Mom says nooo. I got her good though I was too fast and got out of the box before she found her pic taking square. Well as she was distracted I grabbed a bag of cookies and got one out before she realized what it was. So she let me keep it and emailed Nancee to make sure they wouldn't make me sick. And she did get some pics. Can you tell I'm smiling.


Boo said...

ah! maggie rose was giving the "wicked smile" after stealing the biscuit. i wonder why i never see you panting? try panting and you'll get an instant smiley face! LOL

wet wet licks


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

The round cookies taste so much better than the bone shaped ones, don't they?

Bussie Kissies

The Other Furries said...

Boo I have one but I was a few months younger.
I will post one later, But I only pant in the warm weather when I can go outside. Right now it is very cold and snowy. Mom says after christmas I can go outside more. I think She got me something warm and fuzzy and maybe some shoes.
Paws & Kisses

The Other Furries said...

Oh yes they do and Mom found a recipe for some sweet doggie biscuits. She says she is gonna make some for Willow and me to try.
Paws & kisses

Joe Stains said...

oh so LUCKY! you have some nice friends!

The Other Furries said...

Joe Sweetie,
Of course I have nice friends. All these wonderful doggies here on Dog Blog are my friends. But that Nice lady Nancee is my Mom's friend. And her furkids are my friends.
Paws & Kisses

Toby said...

Good job Maggie with the cookie! Yes, it all has to happen fast... Did the cookie taste yummy?


The Other Furries said...

Hiya Tobes,
Yep you gotta be fast. I think it was yummy.
Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose