Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fun Fun weekend coming

Okay Boo wants to see a panting pic of me. I will oblige but I think he secretly is just a Casanova and wants to see how many doggie girls he can claim. Anyway on my previous post I mentioned Nancee was from washington but I misundertood mom When she told me. She said Nancee is from Wisconsin. Just had to make that correction first. Anyway Saturday my Mom's friend is picking us up and we are going to a meetup of some kind with lots of other pooches. And I get to meet the dreamboat Brett Da Brat. Then on sunday we are going to a secret Yorkie meetup. Okay so it's not really a secret I just thought it sounded more cool. So when We get home if it isn't too late Mom is gonna help me post my pics. Then I can tell you all about it.

Paws & Kisses


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You are a little cutie! See if that lady can bring you a cheesehead from Wisconsin!

I'm going to a Meetup this weekend too! We are meeting other dogs at my beach.

Bussie Kissies

Boo said...

maggie maggie dear!

how many bed do you have? i saw one with pawprint on it, then your 1st and 2nd photo show different bed... you are spoilt, aren't you?

see your panting photo make you smile!

so, have i capture your heart yet? LOL

wet wet licks


The Other Furries said...

Bussie, Thank you, Your pretty cute too. I will have Mom ask her friend. I hope you have fun too and I can't wait to hear about it.

The Other Furries said...

I Have 4 I think. But the one with Paws is my blankie covering my bed. I like to snuggle in it. I don't use 2 of the beds and I think my Mom is gonna donate them to the Animal shelter for the pups that don't have beds. The other 2 are in my Mom's office cause I like to be near her when she is home.
Yep I am and to answer your question Well you are a cutie, So maybe you have.

Sunshade said...

Hey Maggie,

I got your card today!! THANK YOU! You are so funny, I loved how you said "secret Yorkie Meet up" cause it sounded cool!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

The Other Furries said...

Miss Sunshade
You are very welcome. And Thank you for the very nice comments. I am very Happy you liked my card and I am very honored that you read my Blog. I think you Might be one of the few girl doggies to be my friend. How on earth do you handle so many Boy doggie admirers? It seems I am going to need some guidance in that area soon.
Paws & Kisses

Charlie said...

Hi Maggie,
Do watch out for that Boo - he's definitely a Casanova-type!

Thanks for the great card!
- Charlie

The Other Furries said...

Hi there Charlie,
I will definitely watch out for Boo besides he has way to many girlfriends. You are welcome for the card. I think I got one from you. I have gotten so very many that I have forgotten who they are from.
Paws & Kisses

Joe Stains said...

woah you have a DATE! sounds like you have a packed weekend ahead!