Saturday, December 09, 2006

My First

Okay so I know your supposed to be friendly at these doggy get togethers. I was just so shy cause there were so very many Yorkies and all different sizes. I tried to stay with Mom mostly but I was curious. So I ventured away from Mom. That was a big mistake. I got scared cause there were so many people there walking around I thought surely one was gonna step on me. Luckily noone did. Mom said cause they were doing the Yorkie shuffle. Let's see Oh, they had pressies for us Yorkies and I got some good ones. I got a pillow, a yorkie rubber squeaky toy, some bows for my hair, and a sign that says yorkie on board. Mom got a lighter that says Yorkies are fun, some cute soap a jingle bell ornament and a magnet that says Wipe your paws. Oh and she also got a snowman family. All the hoomans and their Yorkie owners did a 5 block walk to the senior apartments and there was a newspaper guy there taking pictures. Oh I almost forgot about the picture. One of the nice lasies sons does photography and he was doing portraits for everyone. Well Mom and I were the only ones that took a picture together. Mom only got a couple pics of some people cause she was so busy looking for me all the time. All the excitement really wore me out not to mention the walk which I walked the whole way. Some of the smaller Yorkies had to be carried after awhile. I have another one tomorrow so I will see you later.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

That looks like fun! I was supposed to go to a Wheaten terrier meetup (not my breed) at the beach yesterday but it was too windy.

Bussie Kissies

Boo said...

hey maggie rose, you definitely look worn out. me too for today. the hooman took me out to meet my cousins and have play time. even before i got home, i sort of doze off in grandma's. they quickly brought me home. mom made dinner but i rather sleep so i slept. dinner can wait!

do you normally have meet up with other doggie? if you haven't, i think you need some time to get used with other doggie around you. my hooman bring me to every dog carnivals out there so i'm quite use to seeing doggie, bigger or smaller than me.

normally i got really excited but i'll worn out and start ignoring them. LOL

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

that looks like so much fun but I can see why it might have been scary. Sometimes humans forget to look at the world from our perspective we are WAY down low!

how exciting to get so many presents!

Boo said...

maggie dear, i got your card last night. i can smell you... *ahem*

wet wet licks


The Other Furries said...

I am sorry you didn't get to go to yours. Maybe they will have another when it isn't so windy.

Boo I think it was more of me thinking I was so cute everydoggy would like me. I have been around other doggies before but there were over 20 yorkies and just as many hoomans in a small area.

Joe, Yes they dp forget and I think Mom was worried about that, cause she kept looking for me to make sure I was okay. Getting the present was very nice.

Boo, You behave now.

Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose

Anonymous said...

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