Sunday, January 07, 2007

A very sad day

My Mom is very sad today. One of her friends on a yorkie group we belong to lost her Mom today. And another Lady Mom never got to meet Passed away to. I am trying to cheer her up with lots of kisses. I think what makes Mommy the most sad is that she thinks about the fact that she could lose her mom at any time to Leukemia. I would be so very sad cause I haven't met my grandma yet. I also don't even want to think about ever losing my mommy. So this post is for Deb's Mom and Pat. Yorkie kisses to you both and just knowing you are in a better place with loved ones who have gone before warms my heart. Our deepest sympathies go out to your families.

No Person is Ever Truly Alone by Richard Fife

No person is ever truly alone.
Those who live no more,
Whom we loved,
Echo still within our thoughts,
Our words, our hearts.
And what they did
And who they were
Becomes a part
of all that we are,

Paws , Hugs & Kisses,
Maggie Rose & Mom


Boo said...

hey maggie rose, tell mama not to be too sad. i trust you can cheer her up on my behalf too rite?

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

Hi Maggie Rose~
It's always sad to lose those we love. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your mom and her dear friends.
Sue and Maggie

Joe Stains said...

give her lots of kisses from us too, we hope she is happier soon.

Fu Fu said...

Oh.. Maggie Rose, please stay by your mama side and comfort her..

~ fufu

The Other Furries said...

Hey guys and gals,
Mom says thank you. She is okay now. Will post more pics and a new post tomorrow after she gets back from work.
Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose