Friday, January 05, 2007

I've been tagged for the first time.

Okay Boo tagged me and I couldn't be happier, cause I have neber been tagged before.

The rules are that I list 5 new year resolutions and then tag 5 other friends
Okay so here goes.

1. Give Mom even more love and kisses.
2. Try to act enthusiastic when Mom makes me a new dress.
3. Not jump in Willows face so much. Cause it causes her to be grumpy and snappy.
4. To make sure I don't miss the wee wee pads, so that when Mom comes home she can love on me and not have to clean up my mess.
and number 5. To make sure I make at least 5 new friends on the dog blogs.
Okay so now I am gonna tag 2 current friends and 3 new ones.
Okay the 2 current friends that are tagged are, Joey and Maggie the Airedale. And the 3 new friends tagged are, Teddy the Boxer, Ladybug, and Daisy the Boston Terrier.

Happy new Year every doggy.
Magguie Rose


Boo said...

wow maggie rose, those are easy to keep resolution. i'm sure a great girl like you will be able to keep it.

talking about missing the wee wee pads! i do that too so don't worry about it. i guess our wee wee pad is just too small for BIG BOY/GIRL like us! :-)

wet wet licks


The Other Furries said...

Hey Boo,
Yep and I am working on the wee wee pads. I told Mom to get bigger ones.
Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose

Teddy the Boxer said...

Nice to meet you! I will start thinking about my newwoof resolutions very soon! The resolution you made about the dresses, I wish you lots of luck..i feel for you. woof!