Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wow the power of Mommy

Okay I didn't really doubt the Mommy power but I was a little skeptical. Until today. Okay remember all the stuff I got for x-mas, well one thing was a nylabone chew pack. It had the flavored nylabone , a clear chewy one and the dental chew with the little nubs on it to keep teeth clean. Well I was having so much fun with the nubby one that I chewed off some of the nubs. Well when Mom saw she freaked cause that wasn't supposed to happen. Well she wrote an email to the company and they sent me a package. Mom was only expecting a replacement for the one toy. It seems even she underestimated her Mommy powers. I got a box with 4 toys in it. Yes I know I am so spoiled. Mom says that sometimes you have to go the extra mile for those you love. I really like the dinosaur. And I really Love My Mommy!


Boo said...

oh maggie rose,

you have strong teeth! now mom don't have to worry about you having bad teeth!

wet wet licks


The Other Furries said...

Hiya Boo, I guess I do. I really like my new chewy toys. Mom has to send a thank you to nylabone for me now.
Paws & Kisses,
Maggie Rose

Maggie said...

Wow! Your mom really went to bat for you! How nice to get freebies in the mail! Yeaaaaaaaaaa for mom!!!


Joe Stains said...

yay for free stuff! Tanner has that pink princess bone on the right side of the photo and I really want the dinosaur one!

Cubby said...

What a nice mommy!