Sunday, May 20, 2007

it was a Yorkie free for all

Oh wow. Mom warned me there would be lots of other Yorkies there but I thought she was just exaggerating. Mom and I stayed in a room with my friends Chloe, Sissy, and Starr oh and their Mommy Pattie. I was playing with Starr alot it was so very much fun. Chloe and I were both trying to be the bosses of Starr and Sissy, but we had words a couple times cause we both wanted to be the Boss. Mommy met some of her friends from the Yahoo groups and from the meetup at Patties at christmas. There was lots of stuff to buy there too but Mom says she didn't have enough to buy it all. Mom won me 2 new dresses in the auction they had and she bought me one and a t shirt. She says she will post pics of all the goodies this week. I met a cute boy named Leo. Mom says I am such a flirt and a tease. I say it's all good Mommy. Oh and you will never guess what happened today before we left. Mom saw this Chinese Crested and she wanted to get a better look so she went over and I wanted a better look also cuz I ain't never seen no doggie without hair before. So me and this boy doggie sniffed noses. Now because this doggy was a boy Mommy was expecting me to be my usual flirty self. So you can imagine her surprise when i lunged at the doggie. He was so lucky mom had the retractable leash locked. Mom pulls me back really quick and snatches me up, says she 's sorry to the lady and walks back to the table. Right about then she is clutching me against her and has her face buried in my neck. Of course I am fully aware that that hairless doggie is still behind my Mommy. Well Mom get to the table where our friends are sitting and she just bursts into tears. Everyone is asking what is wrong and I hear her say she was so glad the leash was locked cause she couldn't bear it if I had gotten hurt. So I give her kisses and find out the water that comes out of our mommies eyes is salty. So here are a few pics. Oh and there was a Shih tzu next door and his name is Hashi and when I first saw him I thought it was my Boosanova. But it was just Hashi


Joe Stains said...

wowee that is a lot of yorkies! I am glad you did not get hurt from that no haired doggy!!!!!!

Boo said...

oh, so many yorkies. luckily your mom can differenciate you among all! hehehe.

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh, you sure have lots of fun with your yorkie friends.

~ Girl girl

The Leskiw Gang said...

Me too. Mom figured out that I am in heat and it was a boy doggy. Mom joked and said he probably made a rude comment, and it pissed me off.

You are sooo silly of course Mom can tell me from the others. I am the only one that looks at her with love.

Girl Girl,
Yep and the best part is that most times if you get alot of different doggies together there will be barking and fighting, but all of us Yorkies together we are very quiet and very social. Just ask Mary Margaret.

Paws & Kisses
Maggie Rose