Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well they did it again. They went somewhere I couldn't go. Mom sais they only allow service doggies in the village. Mom got lots of good shots of different flowers. But she said she would only pic her most favorite pics, cuz she took 136 pics today. That would have been almost 6 rolls of film. Mom saw horses, cows,pigs, baby birds, ducks, A froggy, alot of bees, a dragonfly and my favorite Chicken. Then when they were making their way back to the gate. They stopped in a small building that was a photo studio. Daddy posed for Mommy. And they saw a group of singers, and Mom got this pic of a guy in panty hose. Silly man doesn't know that panty hose are for women. They had a good time but Mom said she was anxious to get home to me. I think it's that separation anxiety again. But Daddy said it's PMS. Whatever that is.

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