Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am so nervous!

Hello it's Friday again, maggie is outside looking for the squirrels. So much has happened since I was last blogging. I got my last set of puppy shots and I get my rabies shot next month. Mom has been taking me to conformation classes on Mondays and Thursdays. Our Monday class is with a lasy named Carol and I get to see my boyfriend Magic and my friends Princess and Oui. Carol says I am doing really well I just need to work on 2 things. Stacking and not trying to play with the other dogs when we are waiting for our turn. Mom needs to work on leading me around the ring at the right pace and getting me to stack correctly on the table. our first puppy match is next weekend and we have just 2 classes before then. same with next weekend 2 classes then another puppy match and then the day after the puppy match is a Yorkie BBQ. Mom says we are all going, Unless Maggie goes into heat then she will have to stay home. But she will have company with her other son JT because he will be over here for a few days because his owners are going to some place called Maryland. Anyway then I have a break cuz I gets my rabies shot but then the next two weekend are puppy matches. Then I will be 6 months old and Mom says that is when we have to get serious. Well the Mail is here so I gots to go ans see if I gots anything.

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Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

You look adorable! i am sure you will do wonderful at your first competition.