Monday, August 25, 2008

My very first ribbon.

Okay well I won first in puppy B**ch 4-6 months. I asked Moms why the mans called all the girls that and she said it was just what we are called but to not think it was a bad word. Anyway Moms is very proud and we gots another match this Saturday so I am hoping to do good there also. Oh Moms got these cool clothes from Tinkerbells closet. I am still trying to figure out who the heck tinkerbell is and why is Moms paying for clothes from her closet. But anywho, Dante and Leo got polo shirts and a pair of jeans. Maggie and me got matching coats and Mom got me a summer dress with a cute hat and another coat in a blue brocade. blue and pink are my bestest colors. I just love my brother Leo he let's me beat him up. He says it's cuz Dante is an overgrown A** and might huret me, so Leo plays with me so I don't get hurt.

Mom says to smile and show some teeth so I did. gotta go now an d get my beauty sleep.

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